DIY phone case

I recently got a new iPhone 5s and decided to make my own case.

To make your own case, you need paper and a clear phone case (I got mine on eBay)

1. Start by tracing your phone on a paper of your choice. And Cut close to the traced line.

2. Insert it into your case and mark the camera / flash opening with a pencil.
Remove the insert from your case and carefully snip a hole.

3. Decorate and embellish your case as you wish. I used water color paper, but marbling ink, and then hand stamped it.



How Valentines Day Card can Make You Rich

If you have nothing in life but a good friend, you’re rich. To become richer, let’s make a valentines day card to our friends :)

One of the best-sellers on my online store is a “Love Bug” Valentines day card. The last time I made it, I decided to take photos of every step so I share it with you.


You’ll need:

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HafsaCreates Card Making Kit Tutorial

I’ve sold over 30 card making kits in the last couple of months. One of the most frequent questions I get is “Do you have any card ideas for kids to make using the kit?” My answer – yes, of course.

The card making kit includes:
- 7 blank cards
- 7 envelopes
- Cut outs of masjid, crescent, stars
- 3-4 pretty patterned ribbons
- patterned paper and assorted sizes of card stock
- 7 x Islamic Sentiments – including,Jazak Allah, Mabrook, Masha Allah, Happy Eid
- 60+ piece of embellishment (stickers and punch outs include shapes, flowers, etc)

I’ve made the following cards as I was assembling a kit for an order. Do note that kits can be customized for boys/ girl, also by age group. [Click here to view the card making kit on Etsy]

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GIVEAWAY: Set of Six Gift Enclosure cards (CLOSED)

Who doesn’t loves freebies?! How about it’s something that you can use right away? Even better, right?

My co-worker asked me to make her a set of 3×3″ gift enclosure cards. These are perfect size cards to be included with a gift, along with a quick message. I made another set of 6 for this giveaway. Nothing beats the feeling of receiving a handwritten note. Even better, is when it’s a beautiful, hand decorated, one of a kind greeting card.

All six cards are handmade and hand stamped, and not to mention, made with love and super-special attention.

***Giveaway is now closed. Winner has been contacted by email***

HafsaCreates Giveaway

***Giveaway is now closed. Winner has been contacted by email***

Suit and tie card tutorial

It’s always a struggle to make masculine card for me. Last week, one of our managers at work was leaving and I offered to make a card for him. I asked around about him, and found out about his love for pretty ties.

By first step is, research. I searched for a while on Pinterest and bookmarked a card as inspiration. (Will include a link to it at the end)

Here’s the final version: [you can order it from my store: HafsaCreates on Etsy]


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Recent Cards and Crafts

My recent inspiration (again from Pinterest) were Santa / Christmas/ Holiday cards.

Here’s a very simple one to make:

Santa Card

Santa Card

I used red and black cardstock, and silver (my favorite!) tape for the buckle. So easy to assemble that I made a set of six for my online store. Check it out here: HafsaCreates Store on Etsy

Tutorial and Giveaway for HafsaCreates Card Making Kit

Just before Ramadan this year, a friend e-mailed me asking if I could make Thank You cards for her children’s teachers. I agreed to take the order, but as I started to design the cards, I realized I was very upset. It broke my heart to think that teachers would receive a card that didn’t reflect the child’s creativity or his world of imagination. Then I realized the missing piece- I needed to create a card-making kit so that children (and adults) can design professional looking cards at home and (to the parents’ relief) without breaking the bank.

So here’s what I came up with: Eid Card Making Kits. It includes blank cards, envelopes, patterned paper, ribbons and of course, “Eid Mubarak” stamped.

Here’s a sample from the kit:

HafsaCreates Card Making Kit

Here’s the exciting part about today’s announcement:

I’m giving away – not one, but two-FREE Eid Card making kits, in partnership with

To enter check out the article (and the guidelines at the end of the article): How to Make your Own Eid Cards